Jewellery Making Courses

We offer the following courses in jewellery making, grouped below into the general areas to which they pertain. Each listing is a separate course which can be taken over a period of weekly evening classes, or as single day intensive course. Click through for further information and contact details. 

In addition to the predefined courses below, we also offer courses customised to your particular needs as a jewellery maker, and would be happy to discuss your needs. 




Precious Metal Clay Courses

These courses provide a comprehensive education in the following areas. These topics can also be taken as individual courses for those who want to learn about a specific area of working with metal clay. 


The individual topics covered by the courses listed above are as follows:

The following are additional courses which are either only partially or not covered in the long-form courses above. They can be taken individually and can be considered supplementary to the courses listed above.

 Beaded Jewellery                         

Mixed Media Jewellery

Jewellery Making as a Business